Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Meeting Self Made Hero + Frederik Peeters


The comics interns at londonprintstudio, had the privilege of stepping into the Self Made Hero head quarters, a place where dreams come true...! We were warmly welcomed with tea and cakes, surrounded by shelving of comics...! To top things off, we also got to meet the legendary comics artist, Frederik Peeters in person.

For a man who creates such extraordinary work and won so many awards, he is still extremely modest and you can genuinely tell he loves creating comics…! He even kindly allowed us to touch his original drawings, of which we literally hovered them in our hands, as we were afraid of damaging them.

A great motivational figure… and someone to work towards…! I think all the interns felt the same way, as soon as the meeting ended, I had the urge to scramble home and grab a pencil to start drawing…

Frederik's newest English translated book is: Sand castle.
He also did a great Zombie drawing exercise... take a look here!

- Susan.

Abe was hugely inspired by the meeting that he drew an awesome comic about Frederik...! 
Don't forget, you can read Abe's daily strips on "Doodle Daydream".

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