Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Ellen Lindner and the Anthology!

Dear fellow comic lovers,
Recently we had a lovely workshop by Ellen Lindner, an American/British comic artist and
illustrator. She taught us all about anthologies as she had become an expert in it over the years. Showing her collection we were all amazed. How many anthologies must have filled the world already? She brought only a small sample, but still there was no more space on the table. I was shocked. I've never been in one, how was this possible?
Before I discarded anthologies as I thought that nobody ever read them. But then she pulled up a 'little' anthology called 'Raw'. 'Raw' should be an historical artifact (if it isn't already). The most established authors of our time are displayed, one by one, some even before they ever made it big.
Anthologies can start careers and create bonds between artists all over the world. You won't see me discarding anthologies any time soon: keep 'm coming! First up is our own anthology, 'Parallel lives'!

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