Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Walker book publishing.

The comics interns were invited to practise their graphic novel pitches to the lovely book publisher, Walker. There, they were introduced to Lizzie Spratt and David McDougall who presented us the history of Walker, through the books they have published. It was enlightening to see the range of books they have published over the years, how much they've grown and which international titles they picked up. They shared their insight to what they hope for Walker in the future. It was great to see how passionate they were about comics and they understood how comics in Britain was still developing.

Here are some photos from our visit:

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sheer Brilliance!

The anthology has been sent to the printers...! Now the interns are working hard on their exhibition and book launch.
This will be held at londonprintstudio on the 22nd March... and you are all invited...!

Facebook the Event.

To pre-order on Amazon.


In other news, Jade won third place in the 2012 Manga Jiman competition! Her wonderful comic collaboration with Dean McKnight. You can read her blog entry here and read her entry here!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A bright new poster from Jade to promote her graphic novel Siddown!, 6 pages of which will be in the Parallel Lives anthology.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Better late...

Hi guys!

Just wanted to post my Belgium Comic, short but sweet and in my national colours. 
Hope you like it,


Meet Craig Thompson!

On Saturday, GOSH! London comics arranged a special comic event! Shamisa and Abe met their beloved international hero, Craig Thompson, the maker of Habibi.

Though the line was lengthy, Thompson made sure to dedicate his time equally amongst every individual. Once, Shamisa and Abe reached the front, gushing to the extreme, they pestered him and asked every question under the rainbow~

During the instigation, they were shocked to find out that he used to draw 16 hours a day!!! However due to his busy schedule, he now only draws 8 hours a day!

We were wondering... if Thompson ever sleeps...!

Check out Gosh's blog about Craig Thompson! [Post 1] [Post 2]

- Susan.