Tuesday 3 January 2012

Brussels: PART 3

Welcome to the penultimate report on our Brussels trip! In Part 3 we'll be telling you all about our last day in Belgium before we travelled home late Monday evening.

Once again it was an early start because we had a lot of walking to do on Monday. We went on a comic walk, you see! For half the day we went on a journey around the capital looking for something amazing: COMICS MURALS. It was amazing. AMAZING. I'm sorry I'll stop saying the word amazing. BUT IT WAS.

We had yet another helpful guide, Roxanne, to show us where all the murals were hidden throughout the city.

Aren't they AMAZI--

It was so inspiring seeing a country so dedicated to their comics as part of their culture. Just LOOK at how huge and how many murals there are. Wonderful to see. Our photos really don't do them justice, they were awesome.

Phew, we needed a sit down afterwards though. We quickly ate lunch, and hurried off to the nearest comic shop, which happened to be "Brusels" (spelt with an umlaut). All of us took the opportunity to pick up some beautiful comic collections in this amazingly diverse shop, which even had comics in our native tongue, hurray for being able to read them AND look at the gorgeous artwork.
We spent a little TOO long in there however, and had to rush off - we were due to be at the Sint Lukas art academy that afternoon! RUN RUN RUN! Past the strip joints, up the ridiculously steep hill, across the busy roads - ah, here we are. Sint Lukas, where our very own Karrie Fransman was giving a lecture~

Then she sprung a surprise on us: We had to present our work too! EEP. However the students were really friendly and we all got up to show our comics and individual styles. They seemed really interested, which was great, and we got to chat to a lot of them in the break. Once again they were surprised that the attitude towards comics in Britain is so different to that of their own. Iiinteresting.
Following telling them all a bit about ourselves, we got them to take part in our never ending comic activity which we'd brought with us, and you'll be able to see the collected drawings in our exhibition in March.

Yep, we hopped on a train back to the centre of the city, then made our way home on the Eurostar. 

"Goodbye Brussels, it was fun attempting to speak French with you."

We learnt a whole lot on this trip, and are so grateful we had the opportunity to go. Thanks go to John Lyon's Charity and the londonprintstudio, Nadia for travelling with us, and Shamisa for organising the whole trip.

Look forward to the last part of our report, in which we shall bring you some of our own comics (as we know of no better way to express our feelings post-trip). We hope you've enjoyed these reports!

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