Thursday, 29 December 2011

Meet Al Davison.

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Meeting the admirable, Al Davison in londonprintstudio was an eye opening experience! Not only a knowledgable and a passionate comics artist, he also is crammed packed with touching personal stories. His client list includes, DC/Vertigo comics, Dark Horse Entertainment and Penguin Books.
To read more about his life experiences and see his drawings of the unconscious, please support his project, "The Alchemist's Easel".

To summarise here are a few tips he taught us:

6 Elements to a plot: (This comic follows the plot format)
1] Introduce the character
2] Introduce the location
3] Reveal the character in the location
4] Conflict or Question
5] Explore the conflict/question
6] Resolve! 

► People read BLACK faster than white. 
► Larger images/open frames are slower to read, they can act as a full stop. 
► Remember GUTTERS! The larger the gutter, the more time has passed. The thinner the gutter, the less time has passed.
► Due to the book format of reading right to left, splash pages should be on the left for impact.
(As it increases the suspense as the reader turns the page).
► Use speech bubbles to guide the reader through the flow of the page. If there are two characters speaking in a frame, the character positioned on the left should speak first.

- Susan. 
(Happy holidays! ♥) 

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