Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Shamisa Debroey looks to push the boundaries between illustration and strip, minimal and colourful, and topics like love and hate. She recently graduated from the infamous Sint Lukas Brussels under the careful supervision of Johan Stuyck, head of publishing house Oogachtend.  She received an MA in Comics and Illustration and finished top of her class. Growing up surrounded by comics made by Herge, Franquin and many other Belgian greats, she fell in love with drawing and storytelling. But ever since she was young, she never could colour in the lines. Mentored by Randall C., who also mentored up and coming comic artist Brecht Evens, she worked on her first graphic novel ‘The Wanderer’, merging the autobiographical with her lively imagination. ‘The Wanderer’ is to be published in 2012 in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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