Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Lynn's Workshop

On Tuesday December 7th we had a really good workshop ran by Lynn Weddle, an arts educator who has worked with a wide range of learners, from teenaged mothers to South American street children. Her workshop to us was very informative on how to actually run a workshop.

We took part in a series of games and activities and learnt how to complete detailed workshop plans. We also discussed our own definitions of what makes a good workshop and how this differs from the classroom environment of school. Lynn stressed the importance of running good workshops in schools, in order to make good impressions and to pave the way for future workshops with those schools and develop a good working relationship with them. She also briefed us on monitoring and evaluating workshops, again for the benefit of future workshops.

We discussed the diversity of kids that Lynn worked with, and some of the disciplinary difficulties encountered. Some kids wouldn't participate in the arts workshops because they didn't want to get messy, some even got kicked out of Tate Modern on a school trip because of behavioural problems. But ultimately these experience were rewarding for the kids - they eventually got to see their work displayed on Trafalgar Square's Fourth Plinth!

This was a really productive day for us interns and gave us plenty of food for thought on how to run our own comics workshops for the young comics enthusiasts at londonprintstudio.

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